2019.Q3 - 2020.Q4

  • Release MAP Protocol v1.0, implement cross-chain solution with light-client verification without relay chain.


  • Launch MAP Relay Chain Makalu Testnet, start the ligth-client veification cross-chain between MAP Makalu and Ethereum.
  • Launch MAP Omnichain Service (MOS) for testnet.
  • Start maintainer mining, invite users to participate maintainer test.


  • Support more chains decentralized cross-chain.
  • MOS supports cross-chain between Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and MAP Makalu.
  • Invite more DeFi projects to join Makalu testnet.


  • Launch MAP Relay Chain, support more signature, hash, mining and Merkel proof calculation precompiled contracts.
  • Launch the explorer and PoS DApp.
  • Provide SDK to interact with MAP Relay Chain.
  • Provide MOS SDK test version.


  • Extend cross-chain connections to Ethereum(EVM PoW) and Near(non-EVM PoS), which represents the technical mechanisms in blockchain space.
  • Launch MAP Omnichain Service, support cross-chain fungible tokens and provide shared vaults.


  • Extend cross-chain connections to Ethereum(PoS).
  • Extend cross-chain connections to popular EVM compatible chains: BNB Chain, Polygon, etc.
  • Provide MOS SDK to develope individual MOSs.
  • Support cross-chain bridge and swap DApps.


  • Extend cross-chain connections to popular EVM compatible chains.
  • Extend MAP Omnichain Service, support cross-chain data and NFTs.
  • Provide omnichain scan to show all cross-chain transactions and DApps.


  • Extend cross-chain connections to more EVM compatible and non-EVM compatible chains: Cosmos ecosystem’s chain, Flow, etc.
  • Launch various SDKs from chain development to cross-chain components. Developers can easily deploy a dedicated chain with target application direction, and cross-chain functions are already embeded from the beginning.