Gas Fee Model

As an omnichain network infrastructure designated for omnichain dApps, MAP Protocol is destined to nurture a prosperous ecosystem for as many $MAPO users as possible. The critical success factor for MAP Protocol is to implement a simple yet cost-optimized revenue model.

MAP Protocol will only charge the gas fee produced on MAP Relay Chain for each cross-chain transaction. Maintainer can get extra rewards from MAP Protocol for updating and maintaining Light-Clients.

As an inter-chain messenger program, Messenger is an essential part of MAP Omnichain Services. Messenger needs to prepay the gas fees of MAP Relay Chain and the destination chain for omnichain users, which cannot be estimated in a decentralized way. Thus MAP Protocol opens the Messenger SDK to developers. Application Layer provides the flexibility for dApp developers to determine the cross-chain transaction fee standard, rewards to messengers, and their entry requirements.

Vault & Data deployed on each chain are also essential parts of MAP Omnichain Services, responsible for managing assets (fungible tokens and NFTs) and data on each chain. For developers of Vault & Data, MAP Omnichain Services will not charge any fees. Applications can determine the fee structure for sharing the liquidity in vaults and data pools at their discretion.

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