Construction of MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol Layer

  • Validator: Validator is the foundation of the MAP Relay Chain. Community members can stake $MAPO and build a node with the required computing power to run a validator. Community members can also delegate their $MAPO to other validator operators.

  • Maintainer: The value of the maintainer is to update the status of the Light-client deployed on the target chain so that the verification network can run smoothly. When the maintainer updates the Light-client, a transaction must be written on-chain, resulting in a gas fee payment. Because of this, MAP Protocol's economic model has designed a portion separately to incentivize and compensate Maintainers. Running as a maintainer requires computation power, sufficient fund flow to prepay the gas fees with the target chain's token, and staking of $MAPO.

MAP Omnichain Service (MOS) Layer

  • Liquidity provider: Community members can provide liquidity to Vaults on each chain through Dapps deployed in the MAP ecosystem. Incentives are provided directly by each Dapp.

  • Messenger: Running as a messenger requires a sufficient amount of gas fee for the MAP Relay Chain ($MAPO) and the target chains (native token). Messengers are incentivized by each Dapp.

MAPO Application Layer

  • End Users: Community members can participate through various types of Dapps in the MAP ecosystem and get rewards.

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