What is a Validator?

Map’s consensus protocol is performed by nodes that are selected as validators. There is a maximum cap on the number of active validators that can be changed by governance proposal, which is currently set at 100 validators. The active validator set is determined via the proof-of-stake process and is updated at the end of each epoch, a fixed period of approximately 3 days.


Any account that has at least the minimum stake requirement in Locked MAP, whether voting or non-voting, can register an validator. If a validating key is specified it may be used for this registration.

Reward source of validator

The reward of validator comes from a certain proportion of the system reward of each session. This certain proportion is set at registration time and can be changed later.


In order to prevent malicious occupation of resources during deregister, we put your deregister request in pending status and perform batch logout in the last block of the epoch.


Validators.sol handles registration, deregistration, staking, key management and epoch rewards for validators, as well as routines to manage the members of Accounts.

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