MAP Protocol's Technical Mechanism

While cross-chain bridges can be easily built with MAP Protocol, MAP Protocol itself tackles a more fundamental problem and pursues a larger vision: boosting the whole cross-chain ecosystem by building an omnichain network infrastructure. Any dApp built with the infrastructure utomatically inherits the omnichain nature of MAP Protocol without requiring the developers to tackle the error-prone cross-chain communications. With the technical threshold of building omnichain dApp reduced, the ecosystem shall thrive.

  1. MAP Protocol is structured in three layers: Protocol Layer, Omnichain Services Layer (MOS), and Application Layer.

  2. MAP Protocol achieves omnichain interoperability with all EVM and non-EVM chains by deploying cross-chain execution and verification via on-chain smart contracts, and cross-chain messenger inter-chain program.

  3. MAP Protocol's cross-chain verification network has security finality by adopting the Light-client independent self-verification mechanism.

  4. MAP Relay Chain is fully EVM compatible built upon Proof-of-Stake mechanism and **Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus.

  5. MAP Relay Chain accomplished heterogeneous expansion on the EVM level, which simplified the complexity of engineering and minimized the gas fee for cross-chain verification between heterogeneous chains.

  6. By connecting with MAP Relay Chain, EVM and non-EVM chains form a cross-chain execution and verification network.

  7. MAP Protocol provides SDK for the inter-chain communication component - Messenger to dApp developers. Each dApp can have its own Messenger and tailor-make their reward scheme, which facilitates cross-chain transactions to be completed.

  8. MAP Protocol provides developers with MAP Cross-chain Services similar to Google GMS. It is convenient for developers to develop and share omnichain asset liquidity and data.

  9. MAP Protocol supports both assets and data cross-chain.

  10. MAP Relay Chain supports the development of all omnichain dApps, including omnichain oracle, omnichain swap, cross-chain bridge for tokens and NFTs, decentralized derivatives, omnichain DAO, and omnichain GameFi, etc.

Technical Illustration of MAP Protocol

Developers can deploy omnichain dApps on MAP Relay Chain to achieve interoperability.

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