History of MAP Protocol

Back in the summer of 2019: the MAP Protocol team was founded.

MAP Protocol team was founded in the summer of 2019. Although there was a downfall in the crypto market, CEXs was still making huge profits. With the mission of constructing a cross-chain peer-to-peer e-cash payment system infrastructure, MAP Protocol started to be built by a team of senior blockchain research experts, experienced smart contract developers, and bottom-layer blockchain engineering experts. The MAP Protocol team deeply agrees with the classic Satoshi Nakamoto’s doctrine of blockchain and believes that cross-chain technology should not deviate from it and should contribute to a trustful peer-to-peer blockchain universe.

In Q4 2020: MAP Protocol v1.0 released - a cross-chain solution with light-client verification and without relay chain.

MAP Protocol v1.0 is a cross-chain solution with light-client verification and without a relay chain. Version 1.0 was based on an in-depth study of Cosmos and Polkadot - from their design architecture to underlying codes. Research continues on technologies including MPC (Multi-Party Computation), Rollups, Light-Client, Oracle, and cross-chain messengers. Version 1.0 consisted of a Relayer for transferring cross-chain messages, and Light-client providing cross-chain verification finality without a relay chain. However, when Light-client conducted cross-chain verification between heterogeneous chains, the level of complexity and difficulties increased dramatically, and a tremendous amount of gas fees were consumed, which made Version 1.0 only applicable theoretically.

In 2021: MAP Protocol v2.0 was developed - cross-chain solution with a relay chain - The final generation cross-chain infrastructure for all crypto community.

MAP Protocol v2.0, The final generation of cross-chain infrastructure for all crypto communities, was developed. With more top experts joining in 2021, the MAP Protocol team began to develop the current version - MAP Protocol v2.0: MAP Relay Chain proactively embeds precompiled smart contracts on EVM layer for heterogeneous chains' features; Messengers transfer cross-chain messages; Light-clients conduct cross-chain self-verification; Vaults & Data manage cross-chain assets and data; cross-chain communication components are deployed via on-chain and inter-chain ways to achieve cross-chain and cross-chain verification; and also make MAP Relay Chain ready for cross-chain Dapp deployment. MAP Protocol v2.0 is coming into form.

  • Has the same technical components as Cosmos and Polkadot: cross-chain communication components, relay chain, and Light-client.

  • Unlike Cosmos and Polkadot, MAP Protocol connects to all types of blockchains by proactively deploying on-chain and inter-chain cross-chain communication components.

  • By adding EVM and heterogeneous chains’ signatures, hashes, mining, and Merkle proof calculation to the EVM level of MAP Relay Chain, the gas cost consumed by Light-client’s heterogeneous cross-chain verification is optimized. (One transaction, one verification)

  • By providing Turing completeness in the MAP Relay Chain, developers can directly deploy cross-chain applications on MAP Protocol.

  • Support cross-chain data, fungible tokens, and NFTs.

  • Support cross-chain on all chains no matter if they are EVM chains or heterogeneous chains.

  • Provide MAP Cross-Chain services, like Google Mobile Services, to facilitate the convenient deployment for cross-chain dapp developers.

It is complex and challenging to develop a cross-chain infrastructure that provides security finality and is dapp developer-friendly. The three-year development journey was filled with trial & error and frustrations, but MAP Protocol team adhered to the mission to develop a cross-chain peer-to-peer e-cash payment system infrastructure. MAP Protocol team now proudly announces that MAP Protocol is the ultimate cross-chain infrastructure that outranks all the existing cross-chain solutions in blockchain space - designed for Dapp developers, all chain-compatible, security finality, and cost-efficient - The Ultimate Generation of Cross-chain infrastructure. Looking into the future, the MAP Protocol team has a detailed roadmap. Most importantly, the MAP Protocol team is focusing on completing the connections with active EVM-compatible and heterogeneous chains in the market and will support the new up-rising blockchains in the future. The MAP Protocol team feels excited to be part of the third development stage of the crypto industry: The Cross-chain Era. We will stand along with crypto communities and cross-chain dapp developers to propel the unlimited growth of the Cross-chain Era.

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